…and the winners are ….

My favourite part of running competitions is drawing the winners. Well, as long-time observers of my work will know, I don't actually draw the winners. My son does. It keeps things fair and let's face it, it's so damned cute!

The original plan was for a "small representative" of Shannon McDonald Photography and inviteme to draw a winner each but as the inviteme "office assistant" got stage fright at the last minute it was all up to Caleb.

As you can see, he was thrilled.

Bribes were offered. Deals were made.

We had a draw on our hands folks.

He even started to enjoy himself.

And then he revealed the winner of first prize!

Congratulations Michelle!

You have won the following!

1 hour shoot with me
20-30 images to view and choose from
Four 5×7 frame mounted matte prints (which make gorgeous Christmas gifts)
One 16×24 wall print
= $475 of value!

Yaaaayyyy! How good is that?! Michelle entered the competition multiple times so I'm thrilled that someone so obviously keen has come up trumps!

But we weren't done yet.

Much to Caleb's surprise.

Reminded of the bribe, Caleb took a deep breath, ducked in for another name, emerged with a smile ……

…..and then promptly dropped it on the floor.

Sorry about that Rebecca! Hopefully winning a beautiful pack of personalised Christmas printables from inviteme will ease the insult of having your name dropped on the floor!

And if you're curious as to what bribe could be enticing enough to get Caleb through not one, but two draws …..

……..it was his very first ice-cream cone.

Congratulations to Michelle and Rebecca on their wins! We shall be in touch to arrange prompt enjoyment of your prizes soon.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered. Remember that each of you are still entitled to a free photoshoot with me AND a 20% storewide discount off the entire inviteme range. Not too bad eh? We'll be in touch about all this shortly.

And to my darling, perfect Caleb. Thank you for being so patient with Mummy. Not just during prize draws but every day as I navigate this crazy career I've chosen. You truly make me feel like I've won the coolest competition around. You truly do.

Well done again to our winners.:)

xx Shannon

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