mary-janes and hairclips {melbourne children’s photography}

When Michelle found out she'd won my recent competition it's safe to say she was happy. She entered the comp three times so I was delighted that somebody so obviously keen had come up trumps.

Then we booked in a time for Michelle to enjoy her prize.


Our first scheduled shoot got re-scheduled. Our second scheduled shoot ….. also re-scheduled.

Has anyone told Melbourne that it's Summer? Anyone? No?

Finally we tried a weekday and voila! Sunshine and oranges for all.

We met at Wattle Park which has rocketed to the top of my list for favourite family shoot locations. Wattle Park and Abbotsford Convent are currently vying for first place.

When I saw Elizabeth toddling over to me with a little clip in her hair and red Mary-Janes on her feet, I was toast. Cactus. Gone.

This little girl is C-U-T-E. Utterly gorgeous and just so adored by her amazing parents.

Needless to say the shoot went brilliantly.

Then Michelle came to my home for her slideshow viewing. I am getting such wonderful feedback about my slideshows. They are set to music and I always leave families alone to watch them in peace. And they are yours to keep.

When I entered the office after Michelle had viewed her photos, well, it's safe to say that no words were needed for me to know how much she loved her photos. How much they meant to her when she first saw them, and how much they will mean to all of them as the family grows and changes together.

Michelle has thanked me so much since winning the competition but I'd also like to thank you Michelle. I've enjoyed every minute of our time together and am honoured to have been a part of creating such special memories for your family.

xx Shannon

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