why i do it

because i am truly curious about, and genuinely like, people.

because i love children and they like me.

because i have a need for artistic expression.

for acceptance. (i was talking to a friend recently about why she is a chef. she replied that most chefs have a desire to please people and i think this is true of artists too).

because i love beauty.

because i am visual.

because i can keep it in perspective.

because i am good at it and getting better all the time (but also because i realise that what other people call talent is really just lots of hard work).

because i love being part of a worldwide photographic collective.

because i love to play.

because i love to learn.

because i love to grow.

because i need more from this life than watching television and paying the bills.

because i love making people happy.

because i love creating artworks that people will treasure for their lifetimes.

because, in the end, i simply have to.

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