Photo a Day 2015

I’m a very “all or nothing” person which is a very paralysing way to exist, both personally and artistically. Neither end of that spectrum is a comfortable place to be so this year I really want to chuck all of that out of the window. Even if only for 31 days.

So I created my own Photo A Day 2015 challenge where I simply took a pic of my son every day. If I missed day it was OK. (I didnt). If I wasn’t entirely happy with a photo I had to upload it anyway. (I did).

And here we are and it’s done and I got to spend extra time with my son and I have 31 photos of him that document the summer he was 6.

Thanks to everyone over on my personal Facebook page that offered encouragement. You guys!!!

xx Shannon

NB: Photo 4 taken by Benjy Lee.

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